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Partition records are meant to record the distribution of land in the settlement of an estate, either by sale, division among the heirs, or establish the spouse dower right.

Pickaway County, Ohio Partition Records
Abstracts 2nd Volume, from November 1873 to January 1900 by Dan R. Hearl (c 1997).

Volume Five, pages 387-403: (Petition for Partition) Ann Eliza VINSON and Amos S. VINSON vs. Christina SCHOCH, widow of Benjamin Schoch dec'd, Mary Ann Julian & Hiram Julian, Sarah Leist & Samuel Leist, Catharine Gensel & Samuel Gensel, Benjamin W. Schoch, Simon Schoch, Amos Schoch, Christina Shoch, Samuel Williams & William Henry Fortner.
----On August 3, 1858, a petition was filed by Ann Eliza VINSON and Amos S. VINSON stating that on June 1, 1858 one Peter Schoch died intestate owning 160 and 10 acre tracts of land in Washington Township and that the premises descended to the following person, the children and grandchildren of said Benjamin Schoch, dec'd: Ann Eliza VINSON (1/9th part), Mary Ann Julian of Edgar Co. IL (1/9th part), Sarah Leist (1/9th part), Catharine Gensel (1/9th part), Benjamin W. Schoch (minor, 1/9th part), Simon Schoch (minor, 1/9th part), Amos Schoch (minor, 1/9th part), Christina Shoch (minor, 1/9th part), and the petitioner (1/9th part--Christina Schoch, widow of Benjamin). Further stated is that Lydia Schoch, another child, is now deceased and that
before her death she intermarried with Washington Williams and afterwards with Joseph Fortner, by the first marriage she had one child Samuel Williams (minor), and by the second marriage she had one child William Henry Fortner (minor), and each is entitled to 1/18th. Christina Schoch is the widow
and is entitled to dower. The said lands were purchased by the said Benjamin Schoch dec'd at a sale of lands of his father Henry Schoch on August 8,1857 for $4,930 which was payable in three installments of which (including interest) $1,500 is still due on the mortgages which JOhn D. Leist is the administrator can only pay $600 from the personal estate. On March 8, 1859, 120 acres of land was sold for $28.67 per acre. This is the acreage after dower was set off.

Volume Five, pages 253-262: Benjamin Schock vs. Daniel Schock, et al.
On January 27, 1857, a petition was filed by Benjamin Schock, stating that he has the legal right to one undivided sixth part of 160, 10, 50 and 38 acre tracts of land that was owned by his father Henry Schock, dec'd, of Washington Township, died in the year of 1856. Further stated is that Daniel Schock of Pickaway County owns 1/6th, Catherine Green 1/6th, Elizabeth Wise, wife of Henry Wise of Vermillion Co. IN 1/6th, and
Julianna Bookwalter 1/6th. Further David Schock, Daniel Schock both of Pickaway County, Elizabeth Nally wife of Henry Nally of Tippicanoe Co. IN, Samuel Schock, Benjamin Schock (minor), William Schock (minor), John W. Schock (minor), Elias Schock (minor), Christina Schock (minor), Ann Schock
(minor), and Mahala Schock (minor), and the petition Benjamin Schock each own 1/66 part of the premises. Benjamin Metzger is the Guardian of the above-named minors who are the children of William Schock, dec'd., a son of Henry Schock dec'd, and said William died in 1851 and left a widow Salome Schock. Henry sold and conveyed 76 acres of land to son William on May 3, 1828 for $400 that was never paid to his father. The settlement of William's estate did not pay it either. The 160 and 10 acre tracts were combined and sold to Benjamin Schock for $29 per acre on August 8, 1857. The 50 acre tract was sold for $54.62 per acre. The 38 acre tract sold for $66.12 per acre. Henry's wife was Christianna Schock but deceased.

Volume Seven, pages 641-649:  William H. Fortner vs. Christina Hill, et. al.
On September 4, 1878, a petition was filed by William H. Fortner stating that he has the legal right to one undivided ninth part of 10 and 40 acre tracts of land in Washington Twp. The 40 acres tract is a part of land assigned as dower of Christina Schoch from the late Benjamin Schoch. Said Christina died in 1878. Further stated is that Christina Hill (1/9th), Sarah E. Leist of Wells Co. IN (1/9th), Mary A. Julian of Edgar Co IL (1/9th), Catherine Yentzel of Wells Co IN (1/9th), Benjamin W. Schoch (1/9th), Amos Schoch (1/9th), and Simon P. Schoch of Wells Co IN(1/9th); all of the children of Ann Eliza VINSON, now deceased, to wit: Darius VINSON of McLean Co IL (1/45th), Sarepta Thomas of Morris Co. Kansas (1/45th), Retty J. Curry (1/45th), Carey S. VINSON, a minor (1/45th), W.S. VINSON, a minor of Franklin Co. Kansas (1/45th). All are tenants in common with the petitioner. He further states that he is the only legal heir of his mother Lydia Fortner dec'd, who was also a daughter of Benjamin Schoch. Amos S. VINSON was the husband of Ann Eliza VINSON and is still lving. Defendant Samuel Williams asserts that he has some legal right, but has none. Williams failed to answer and was struck from the proceedings. On December 30, 1878, the first tract was sold to John Hill for $45 per acre. No mention of the relationship of John Hill.

Volume Nine, pages 152-158: in John N. Snyder v. John Preston, et al
On April 28, 1883, a petition was filed by John N. Snyder of Franklin Co. Ohio stating that he has the legal right to the undivided 6/7ths of 50 acres of land in Scioto Township Pickaway County owned by one Jonathan Snyder. Further stated is that Wilmina Preston, age 20, Maggie Preston age 18,
Martha Preston age 16, Alice Preston age 14, and Edward Preston age 12, all of McLain Co. IL, are tenants in common with the petitioner and each entitled to one thirty-fifth and that defendant John Preston their father and guardian has a life estate by courtesy of one seventh interest. The petition was amended stating that one Hiram Snyder says that he has some interest in the premises. Then another amendment was filed stating that Marha Snyder, the widow of Jonathan Snyder, dec'd, is entitled to dower. The land was appraised at $2,166.50 and John N. Snyder elected to take the land at the appraised value paying that sum to the Sheriff of Pickaway Co. No mention is made as to the disposition of the dower interest, Hiram Snyder's interest, or from whom John N. Snyder acquired five
of his six interests.