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 Scrapbook &
 Old Pictures

Welcome to my Scrapbook! FYI: This page will be under construction as I plan to add some more pictures! Note too, that these scans are black and white and were taken from photocopies, so the quality isn't the greatest in some instances! Some may take a little bit to load, but they're worth it! But, anyway, Enjoy and Come Back Again!

Evelyn Sinclair Shaffer This is the light of my life! She is Evelyn, a.k.a. Evie!

The Knox Triplets! They are: Mason Allen Knox, Maya Elizabeth Knox, and Max Allen Knox, all born on August 11, 1999!

Kylie Draper Van Horn Another cute Knox/Van Horn addition, born March 10, 1999.

Michael Alan Knox and Brenda Elaine Iles Michael (b. July 1, 1947), my dad, and Brenda (b. November 17, 1944) my mom!

Zeus Knox My baby! Okay, it's my dog, but he's still my baby! (b. March 16, 1995)

Janet Marie Eccard (b. 1937)

Celena Adaline "Addie" Seitz (1875-1939) Wearing her fine wedding gown.

John Earnest and Laura Elizabeth Smith Eccard John (1886-1977) is holding little Ted Edwin Shaffer (1956) and Laura (1883-1964) is holding a very small Mignonette Anne Shaffer (1958)

John and Laura Eccard Just relaxing outside.

The Motis Reid Family Charles Motis Reid (1872-1947) and wife Celena Adaline "Addie" Seitz (1875-1939) are holding their firstborn daughter, Mary Etta Reid (1897-1970)

Mary Etta Reid (1897-1970) in 1967

Mary Etta Reid at School Here she is hiding in the second row, l to r, #2

The Eccard Boys From left to right: in front is Emmit William Eccard (1915-1999); in the back are Woodrow Wilson Eccard (1913-1986), Paul Eugene Eccard (1909-1993) and Russell Calvin Eccard (1911-1989)

The William Edward Dean Family Taken in 1904. From l to r: back row, Clyde William Dean (1885-?), Tacy Mae "Bertha" Dean (1887-1943), Charles Irvin "Charley" Dean (1888-1945), and Irwin Roy Dean (1880-1943); middle row, Florence Marie Dean (1895-1984), William Edward Dean (1860-1937), Maria Jane Dean (1860-1926), and the baby Merle Edward Dean (1902-1982); front row, Floyd Williard Dean (1897-1975), Nellie Blanche Dean (1898-1950), Ruth Victoria Dean (1900-1990) and Samuel Dean (1891-1960).

At School with the Diltz Children! From l to r: Front row, (2) Elmer Finley Diltz (1889-1941), (3) Jesse Delano Diltz (1888-1962), (7) Virgil Maxwell Diltz (1892-1951), (8) Della Diltz (1884-1945) and (9) Bessie Elizabeth Diltz (1894-1950); Second row, (3) Frank Diltz (1887-1970)

The Virgil Diltz Family From l to r: Clara Marie Diltz (1927), Alice Louise Diltz(1921)(back), Ruth Ann Diltz(1924), Roger Maxwell Diltz (1937) held by Mary Etta Reid Diltz, Janet Marie Eccard (1937) held by Retha Belle Diltz Eccard (1914), Marilyn Rose Diltz (1932) and Dale Lee Diltz (1934) (standing together in front), Ralph Virgil Diltz (1919-2000), James Finley Diltz (1925) (in front of Ralph), and Virgil Maxwell Diltz (1892-1951)

George R. Iles (1877-1960) and Sarah Adaline Hampshire (1881-1935)

Gary Lee Iles (b. November 2, 1945) When he was in the navy.

Andrew James Dollison (1859-1937)--the one with the white moustache

Pearl Cleveland Dollison (1885-1955)

Nancy Hoselton (1861-1938)--holding her granddaughter

Meinhard Greer Iles (1904-1965)--the one leaning on a cane

Peggy Marie Dollison

Meinhard Greer Iles (1904-1965) & Peggy Marie Dollison (1923-now)