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This is general genealogy information contained in wills I have overlooked.


WILL OF LITTLETON BETHARD, Pickaway County, Ohio. 
Drawn up February 26, 1885 and attested to June 24, 1901. It mentions wife Sarah Ann and that she would receive the land. It also stated that when he died, the following children owed him money. John D. Beathards owed him $480; Mathis Beathards owed him $480; Angeline Wilson (William H. Wilson, husband) owed him $480; Elenora Johnson (James P. Johnson, husband) owed him $480; Daniel D. Beathards owed him $320; and Elizabeth Rader owed him $40. His son Ezra Beathards was to receive $100. Witnesses were Thomas Beavers and Littleton Gochenour.

WILL OF JOSEPH GOCHENOUR, Pickaway County, Ohio. 
Drawn October 9, 1848. It was probated November 6, 1848. It mentions sons: John, Joseph, heirs of George, Henry, William, David and Daniel. Daughters: Ann Bethard, Mavis Pain and Elizabeth Beavers.

WILL OF JOHN HARMON SARK, Pickaway County, Ohio. 
The will was February 8, 1941. It mentioned an anti-nuptial agreement he had made with Clara B. Sark, his wife and that upon his death, she would receive $5,000. He bequeathed this to her, as well as the car he owned. It mentions sons and daughters. I will list the children and what they received at the time of his death. Claude J. Sark received the family bible and the farm which he lives on (166 acres) in Walnut Township, but he has to pay $6,000 for it.

J. Arthur Sark received the farm on which he lives (161 acres) in Walnut Township, but has to pay $10,500 for it within one year of John's death. Guy Sark received the china dishes and the pool table in John's house in Ashville, he also receives the home in Ashville, with the condition that Clara can live there for up to one year after John's death. The home is located at 215 East Main Street in Ashville, Ohio. Guy also has to pay Clara M. Swayer (John's daughter) $1,500. Howard W. Sark received $3,000 and John's Masonic Ring. Clara M. Swayer is mentioned.

WILL OF CATHERINE SEEDS, Pickaway County, Ohio
Will drawn March 30, 1874. (Catherine Seeds died August 4, 1874 of old age in Scioto Township. She was 83 years old and born in Virginia.) Will mentions deceased husband Robert and that she would like for some of the monies to go to erecting a monument for her dead husband and herself. It mentions monies going to her daughters Isabel Beavers and Hannah Readman, and daughter-in-law Elizabeth A. Seeds (wife of son Moses).

WILL OF WILLIAM SEEDS, Pickaway County, Ohio. 
Will drawn up July 18, 1840. Attested to June 28, 1841. Mentions wife Martha, who gets the farm she currently lives on. Mentions sons: John, who gets 1/2 of the plantation he now lives on; William W., who gets the other 1/2 of the plantation; Robert, who gets $20; Harvey, who gets 1/2 of another plantation he lives on; Samuel, who gets the other 1/2 of Harvey's plantation; and Cyrus, who gets 2/3 of the plantation that he lives on. It also mentions daughter Isabella, who gets $50, and grand-daughter Elizabeth Seeds, who gets a cow.

ESTATE CATHERINE SNYDER, Pickaway County, Ohio, was appointed August 18, 1864 and settled November 18, 1866.

Will was drawn up on April 8, 1871. It was attested and sworn to on May 20, 1871. (Johnathan died May 11, 1871 at the age of 52 of Bronchitis. I found this in a death record. He was born in Warren County, Ohio. He lived in Scioto Township, Pickaway County, Ohio.) Johnathan leaves $300 to his three minor sons, John, Jesse and Augustus. He gave the land to Martha that he acquired from Joseph Beavers.

WILL OF HENRY SPANGLER, Fairfield County, Ohio. 
Will drawn up January 4, 1854, and probated in 1857. Leaves wife and eight children (heirs). Mentions Rebecca Turmilly as Henry’s widow. Mentions as his children/heirs as (1) Heirs of son John; (2) son Jesse; (3) son Jeremiah; (4) Heirs of son Daniel; (5) son Samuel; (6) son Henry; (7) son Lemuel; and (8) daughter Sophia.

WILL OF CONRAD STUMP, Pickaway County, Ohio. 
Mentions wife Juliana, sons William, Henry and George, daughters Maria (wife of Abraham Markel), Catherine (wife of Joel Stump), Barbara (wife of Henry Koenig). Will made September 17, 1824. Exct. Dodson. Probated January 1, 1825.

WILL OF ISAAC VINSON, Pickaway County, Ohio. 
Will made June 7, 1838, probated April 29, 1839. It mentions daughter Elizabeth, nephew Uriah L., son of brother George Vinson.

WILL OF THOMAS VINSON, Pickaway County, Ohio. 
Will made December 2, 1839. Mentions wife Margaret, children: William, James, Lewis, Emas, Nehemiah, Julia, Sarah, Nathanial Thomas, Henry, Mary, Margaret & Elizabeth.