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[S11941] World Family Tree Vol. 5, Ed. 1

[S05704] Compiler of this information is a Mrs Robt. Kidnocker of Chillicothe, Ohio





[S05711] Gravestone at Grandview Cemetery at Chillicothe, Ohio

[S05715] History of Lower Scioto Valley, Ohio. Chicago Inter-State Publishing Co. 1884


[S05720] Information from grandson Michael Mathuews

[S05723] Information from great grandson Michael Mathuews



[S05726] Information from son Michael Mathuews


[S05729] Marriage certification at Ross County, Ohio...Book 4 page 213

[S05733] Michael Mathuews

[S05735] Thelma Kidnocker of Chillicothe, Ohio (Mrs. Robert Kidnocker)

[S14474] Marjorie Lucille Betts Smith








[S12011] World Family Tree Vol. 3, Ed. 1

[S12039] TITLE






[S12133] TITLE

[S12139] TITLE

[S12145] TITLE




[S14032] Schweickhardt.FTW

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